As a student, interior design in your student flat isn’t always the first expense you plan on paying for from your budget. All you need are a few simple furnishings to make it feel somewhat like a decent living space. One of those budget décor items is couch covers, which means you can now take the third-hand couch set that your parents gave you and make it look good again. It’s not difficult to find couch clip covers in South Africa and have your sofa covers delivered in Cape Town or to wherever your student lodgings are located. These will protect your original couch from stains and general wear-and-tear, meaning it might last you through to your next living space and save you money there as well. If you don’t have any yet, browse the couch covers for sale in Cape Town, choose one with a design that will level up the chic-factor of your student house, and learn how to take care of them. Two sets of slipcovers should be enough to alternate every now and then when you feel for a change in interior design but can’t afford a new couch set. And if you know how to take care of them without pushing your budget, you will be set for the three or more years you’ll be living there while you study.

Dealing with spills

The only way to deal with spillage or stains on your couches is to address them immediately. Your first reaction should be to remove whatever has spilt off the surface of the couch with a dry cloth before it has a chance to soak in. Then you’ll use a damp cloth to wipe away any visible marks that are leftover. This should reduce the chances of a stain developing. However, we aren’t always aware when something has been spilt or that a stain is busy forming. In those cases, you will need a stain remover and if you can’t afford one, there many homemade stain removers from household products that you can try. Just make sure you know which remover ingredients would damage the couch cover fabric and refrain from using those if possible.

Weekly slipcover maintenance

As for general maintenance of your slipcovers, they’re going to require some weekly maintenance if you want to keep them and your couch in good condition. This will include some vacuuming of the couch, plumping of your pillows and brushing of the fabric (especially if it’s velvet).   Designate one day in the week for flat-cleaning and include your slipcovers in that routine. These small acts of cleanliness will ensure that your couch only needs a deep clean every few months as opposed to once a month. Is it’s worth the effort and if you have to pay for laundry services, then it’s how you keep those costs down as well.

How to deep clean your couch covers

The great thing about couch covers is that they’re removable. So when it’s been a few months and they start looking dirty, you can throw them into the washing machine or give them a hand wash. The important factors to keep in mind when washing your slipcovers is to make sure you read the labels and choose the right fabric cleaner to wash them. You also need to follow the fabric care instructions in terms of water temperature and recommended washing cycles that will maintain and not ruin your couch covers. Once they’ve been washed, you can place them in the tumble dryer (on the permanent press setting) for a few minutes. The goal isn’t to have them dry completely, otherwise, they will crease easily. Then it’s out of the dryer and you can place your damp couch covers back where they belong on your couch. The best way to avoid creases is to let it dry naturally (so open all the doors and windows in the flat) and, obviously, don’t sit on them until they’re completely dry.

Couch-cover care tips

  Here are a few more couch-cover care tips to keep in mind for long-lasting couch covers:
  • Avoid direct sunlight: To avoid heat damage, which includes warping, fading and loss of natural qualities, you should choose a shady spot for your couch to live in the flat.
  • Rotate cushions: This will both protect the wear of your pillows and your couch covers. We all have our favourite spot on the couch but, without rotating your pillows, you will soon be able to see and feel the uneven wear on the couch.
Couch covers will be the best investment for your couch and will cost you more time and effort than money which, we can all agree, is the better option on a student budget.