Moving into your own apartment or home can be an exciting time. You will finally have the independence you have been craving, and you will be able to experience life as a young adult. But… what are you supposed to take with you for your new crib? The essentials that you need for a new home might be quite different from what you expected, but having them will make your life much easier. So, if you are moving out but are not sure what to take with you, read on below for some handy advice.

Start with the kitchen

Sure, you might not cook a lot of your own meals right now but when you are no longer living at home, it is likely that you will be cooking your own food more often. And, for this, you will need a few key items in order to whip up some delicious meals. These include:

  • A bottle and can opener
  • Water glasses and mugs (at least four)
  • Dinner plates, side plates and bowls that are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • A set of nonstick cookware including pots and pans
  • A toaster and microwave (if these are not provided)
  • An oven mitt
  • A wooden spoon and a cutlery set

For the crockery, look for a set which includes four plates, side plates, bowls and mugs. This will save you money and ensure that everything is uniform. You should look out for pots for sale that come with at least a three-year warranty. As far as cookware goes, a cast iron pot will allow you to make delicious one-pot meals for those days when you have no time on your hands. A stainless steel pot and cookware sets will enable you to do the same, and they will last for slightly longer.

Bathroom basics

Your bathroom should be second on your list of rooms to furnish when you move out. This is because it is often overlooked and you might end up forgetting something important (like the toilet paper). Below are some of the bathroom basics you will need:

  • A shower curtain
  • Towels, including a hand towel and face cloth
  • Toilet scrubber and plunger
  • A bath mat or two
  • Toilet paper storage and toilet paper
  • A toothbrush holder
  • A first aid kit

You will have brought your toiletries with you when moving, but be sure to keep a list of all of your necessities for your next shopping trip. Don’t forget the toilet cleaner and invest in some bubble bath as a once-in-a-while treat.

Don’t forget your bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, even if it is on the small side. But this can be a little hard to achieve if you have forgotten to pack the things you need to make it so. Not sure what these are? Read on below for some bedroom essentials:

  • A nightstand with a drawer for storage
  • Clothes hangers for your cupboards
  • A full-length mirror (for choosing the perfect outfit)
  • A table lamp
  • Bedding for all seasons
  • Curtains or blinds (if these are not provided)
  • A laundry basket

You can really have fun in your bedroom by coordinating your bedding, curtains and even your laundry basket. Invest in some wall art to make it feel more personal or you could hang your favourite photographs around the room to make it feel like home.

Liven up the living room

Your living room might be small in your first apartment, but this does not mean that it has to be bare or spartan. Along with the basics, you can bring in some quirky decor to put your own stamp on the space. The basics you will need include:

  • A comfortable couch
  • A coffee table and end tables
  • Table lamps for accent lighting
  • A TV and all the correct connections
  • A TV stand
  • Functional storage solutions
  • A fun rug to tie the room together

Once you have the basics, you can make the room look fabulous. If you are unable to paint the walls, invest in some vinyl wall art to bring personality to your walls. You can bring in colour with bright throws and patterned scatter cushions or with some unique wall art.

General essentials

Once you have furnished the core rooms of your new place, you will need to look at the apartment or house in general. There are some essentials that you need to make living in your new place easier and more efficient. This might not sound like the shopping spree you want to take, but you should look into buying the following:

  • A trash can for the bathroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning supplies including a vacuum, broom, duster, and mop
  • Cleaning liquids (non-toxic is the best choice)
  • Extra towels and bedding
  • Matches and candles in case of a power outage
  • Batteries and extension cords
  • A tool set and duct tape

Having these extra necessities will ensure that you are covered for any eventuality. Lastly, keep a list of emergency numbers stuck up for easy access, such as on the door of the fridge or on the inside of your front door.