Renier Stoop (20), a second-year student studying towards his Bachelor of Arts (BA) at the University of Stellenbosch (US), has been selected as a mentor at CampusKey. Campuskey is the premier provider of secure student accommodation and offers prime locations and a trendy lifestyle.   Born and raised in Gauteng, Stoop completed his schooling at Eldoraigne High School. Says Stoop: “I took a gap year to travel and work and am now studying theatre in acting and performance. There is a common misconception that studying theatre is easy, but it’s definitely not the case. Countless hours are spent onsite rehearsing and many more behind the scenes to develop the necessary skills. It takes a lot of dedication and self-discipline to become a successful theatre practitioner. However, for the most part it’s great fun and I believe the most addictive and enthralling course to be a part of at Stellenbosch. It’s an honour to be studying and learning from some of the best professional theatre creators in South Africa.”   As a mentor, Stoop hopes to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all CampusKey residents and staff as well keep communication open and transparent. “I’m thrilled about becoming a mentor. I would like to promote and protect CampusKey’s reputation and high standard. My position also allows me to use social media regarding events and news in the community such as planning the house dance and other events during the year. I feel I have the necessary skills to not only make my stay at CampusKey beyond amazing, but also make it a memorable year for everyone else.”   This will be Stoop’s first year living at CampusKey although he has been a part of the community since 2017. “Through visiting my friends at CampusKey I’ve become a part of the community. During my visits I’ve met many people and made loads of friends and so far, my experience has been phenomenal. It has helped me a great deal to be part of such a great student community being so far from home. CampusKey is so different from other student accommodation.  I love the fact that no one is forced to participate and are free to decide if it will add value to or improve their lives and experience. The infrastructure at CampusKey is by far the best in Stellenbosch. Biometric access and modern architecture are but a few perks of living here.”   He approaches life with optimism and determination. “The more you do, the more you achieve and get done. This has been my driving force throughout my life. I believe that through experience you learn to balance all facets of life. By staying active and positive with all the tasks and responsibilities life throws at you, you can overcome anything.”   Stoop spends his free time exercising and exploring his creativity. “I enjoy creating content, whether it’s music or writing for development of plays and productions. I also enjoy connecting with friends and family through adventures in and around Cape Town and experiencing the most the world has to offer,” he adds.   Stoop concludes: “This year is another year to build more experience and skills, as well as become successful in my studies and passions. My main goal is to be accepted into a musical theatre academy in Cape Town, which will assist me to further develop my craft and skills. I also hope to be part of Woordfees 2020 and this year’s Premiere Play Festival. My dream is to be one of the top three productions.”   While focused on offering ‘comfort, convenience and community’, CampusKey is the ideal home-away-from-home with its various locations throughout South Africa, including Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Visit or phone 0861-STUDENT for more info. Follow CampusKey on Facebook: