Siyabulela Kumalo, an honours student in accounting at the University of the Free State, has been selected as mentor at CampusKey Bloemfontein. As the leading provider of secure accommodation, CampusKey offers students everything they need under one roof so that they can focus on their main objective - to graduate and enjoy student life.   Born and raised in Kimberley, Kumalo completed her schooling at Kimberley Girls’ High School. She says: “I’m honoured to have been selected as a CampusKey mentor this year. I had the privilege of joining a city residence where I received help with everything – from finding my way around campus to the pressures of living away from home and becoming an active civil citizen.”   She adds that CampusKey offers various facilities to make life as a student a lot easier. “You’re surrounded by friendly staff and students. I made lots of friends and they now form part of my support structure. We all come from different backgrounds, which has moulded me into becoming the versatile person I am today. Living at CampusKey forces you to become independent, but never on your own. You always have support, whether from your neighbours or staff members. I love the fact that you’re not confined to unnecessary rules and the environment enables you to be the best version of yourself.  We’re one big, happy family.”   Kumalo, whose focus will be on academic mentorship, hopes to share the knowledge she has gained throughout her undergraduate studies. “I’ll try my best to ensure that the various groups of people and personality types are accommodated. I also want to assist students to cope with the academic pressures they’ll be facing and help them with the tools they need to make ethical and informed decisions.”   She continues that CampusKey is unique from other student accommodation because of its infrastructure. “You have everything you need under one roof, as well as social events such as study logs, gyms, annual braais and formals. It’s great fun!   She balances her student and private life by following a flexible schedule that allows her to focus on her studies throughout the week and dedicating weekends towards socialising. “My goal for 2019 is to stay strong in my faith, grow stronger as an individual and qualify for postgrad as I want to become a chartered accountant.”   Kumalo only recently discovered a love for rugby. “I try my best to keep up with it as well as to watch any games played in Bloemfontein. I also spend most of my free time watching series and braiding hair. Although I’ll give this year all I have, I’m a firm believer in also looking after yourself. One should never forget that.”   While focused on offering ‘every comfort, convenience and community’, CampusKey is the ideal home-away-from-home with its various locations throughout South Africa, including Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Stellenbosch.   Visit  or phone 0861-STUDENT for more info.   Follow CampusKey on Facebook:   Ends