Catching your very first wave is an unforgettable experience. Not only is surfing a great way to move your body and be fit,  but it allows you time by yourself, immersed in nature surrounded by the big blue ocean. For surfers, it truly doesn’t get any better than that. South Africa has some of the best beaches for surfing around the world but before you hit the beach, let’s unpack all the sports equipment you would need. If you are a beginner, there is plenty of gear which you would need to invest in before you hit the waves, it is always helpful to be prepared and have all the essentials to make your first experience as a surfer memorable. If you’re someone who loves being prepared, you’d be delighted to hear there are many sporting goods stores in Cape Town which will have exactly what you’re looking for. Read our top tips below which will ensure that your first surfing experience is phenomenal.

Your first surfboard

Of course, your first purchase for the newest addition to your sports lifestyle would be a surfboard. It’s important to know the different types of boards available as each one is uniquely made for a specific surfing style. When choosing a surfboard you need to also keep the weather in mind, and which surfboard is ideal for the weather in your area. You should also consider which shape, design, and make interests you. There are various types of surfboards available for you to choose from. Remember to choose carefully, if you’re confused don’t hesitate to ask the shop assistant for assistance. On that note, it’s always best to purchase your own surfboard rather than renting one even if you’re still starting out. Imagine showing up at a rental store and there are no wetsuits or boards in your size...imagine missing the wave of a lifetime because of this! And it’s better to invest in your own board while you’re still learning as you become more confident on a board that you use regularly. And should it get stolen or broken you will be held liable by the renting shop.

A wetsuit

The second list on the agenda would be a good quality wetsuit. There are many sports shops in Cape Town which offer a variety of good wetsuits, guaranteed to last you a long time. When choosing a good wetsuit it needs to offer you comfort, warmth, and flexibility. The size is also a vital factor -  it can’t be too tight that you’re unable to move freely when you’re on the board and it can’t be too big as it defeats the purpose of offering your body warmth from the cold water and wind. The aim is it to feel snug around your body, helping aid the waves. Next, you would need to look at the thickness of your wetsuit, that will determine the amount of warmth you would get once you’re in the water. It would be best to purchase two suits if you’re a regular rider, one for winter and summer.

Travel Gear

You should always protect your sports gear whenever you’re on the road. Not only because of harsh climates, but also because you want to avoid your gear getting damaged - the last thing you want after investing in quality gear is a dent or scratch. First and foremost you should purchase a surfboard bag to protect your surfboard. There are many options to choose from and it all depends on your preference. You could purchase a surfboard sock which is easier to carry and it’s lightweight, but keep in mind a sock will not offer your board as much protection The surfboard sock will ensure that your board is protected from sun damage. A  surfboard day bag is similar to the sock but offers a bit more protection. The day bags have handles, allowing you to carry your board around wherever you go, adding to comfort while travelling. But the best cover for your board when travelling long distance is a surfboard coffin. The coffin has thick padding and depending on your preference, you can have one with wheels or without. These coffin bags are ideal if you plan on taking a vacation, as your board can go with you on the train, bus, or even aeroplanes. It really is a great investment.

Wrapping it up

Lastly, don’t forget to bring an extra bag where you can put all your other surf miscellaneous - like board wax, inner, swimsuit, towel, etc.   Get ready for your first wave, you’re ‘gonna love every last minute of it!