Giving back to a charity is a noble thing to do for those in need. It also has a number of benefits for you; with one of them being that when you start doing good for others you start feeling good about yourself. Knowing that you are donating to a charity and helping where help is needed will give you a sense of usefulness as you will be elevating people who are living in poverty, recovering from a disaster or facing violent conflict. Also, it can help you take note of everything you might have been taking for granted in your life, while teaching you more about the lives of people who aren’t as fortunate, making you a compassionate and in touch with your humanity.  There are many reasons to donate money to charity, and whether you make a big or small donation, the fact is you are still actively making a change in people's lives across the world. Many developing countries are in need of assistance and your donation could have a huge impact on developing countries that are in need of assistance.  Making monetary donations is a helpful way of giving back. The money you’ve donated could be used for the specific needs of those in a crisis. Those necessities could include food, water or medical care. Making a difference does not necessarily mean big gestures. If you’re unable to offer more, there are many ways in which you can raise small donations with a big impact. If you are interested in making a charitable donation with the little that you have, then read below for ways to get money for your charity and how your donation will have a positive effect regardless of how small it may seem to you. 

Pledging your birthday 

If you’re unable to make a donation because of your financial situation you could pledge your birthday. Pledging your birthday allows your friends and family to make a donation to the charity of your choice as a birthday present to you. This is a great and effective way for you to donate to an organisation, and to make a difference without straining your budget.  You can tell your friends and family via social media about the charity of your choice. Inform them of how they can donate for your birthday and how it could benefit the organisation. You should show your close friends and family members why it is important to you. By you pledging your birthday, you might end up giving a large amount of money back to your organisation. It can also be an opportunity to influence your friends and family in a positive way and encourage your loved ones to support something that is close to your heart. Not only are you giving back but you are also creating brand awareness for the charity. 

Fundraising to support your charity

Another way to raise funds for your charity would be by organising a fundraising event in your community. You can choose an event which would be easier for you to arrange. The fundraising event could be a car wash, a show, babysitting, house sitting or pet walking. By fundraising, you could get enough money for your charity. And the little that you have could make a difference.  Your R100 could bring fresh clean water for civilians. Or the money you bring in could vaccinate children against measles and other viral infections. You could also be a part of the people who helped those who weren’t eating due to food shortages. You could be offering a nutrient-based food, health care plan for people including women who are expecting. 

SMS for donations 

A cost-effective way of donating to this cause is by sending an SMS or joining a regular SMS subscription where you can help charity organisations. The regular SMS contribution would help by providing impartial and life-saving medical treatment for civilians in need. Your subscription would be a certain cost on a monthly basis and you could make an arrangement which fits your budget. This small amount you will be paying monthly will help people and ensure they are continuous help available when needed. 

Wrapping it up 

At times we might think that making a difference in the world requires a large amount of money. But in reality, there aren’t many people who are able to make big donations. More importantly, it shouldn’t stop you from making a donation because even the smallest amount can have a big impact. You never know what charities are in need of, and the amount of money you see as insignificant could be exactly what the organisation needs. That could be the money they need to get 100 000 litres of water and save a community.