Many people enjoy having their own garden. It allows them the chance to unwind or host intimate get-togethers with friends in their sacred space. But when you live in an apartment with a small outside area, it can seem impossible to maximise your space.  There are many ways to enhance the visual appearance of your garden. But before we get down to the big ideas, it is important that you keep a few things in mind when planning: 
  • Always keep things simple; the last thing you need is an overcrowded garden. 
  • Have a focus point and take it from there.
  • Plan your colours accordingly.
Now that those three aspects are cleared out, you can start with the planning. Down below are inspiring ideas for you to implement in your garden. 

Divide your space

An effective way of making your garden space appear bigger is by dividing it up. There are many ways to divide your space; for instance, you can use wooden fences. Not only will it make your garden look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also give your garden ideas a direction. This is a brilliant idea if you’re planning on having a vegetable garden. You can block out a small section for your vegetable patch. 

Hang a few garden plants 

For the plant lovers, rest assured that there is a way to fit in all the plants you love in your garden. Although you don’t have ample space, you can always hang up two or three of your favourite plants. This is one of the many ways that you can make your garden breathtaking. For example, you can have a trellis with small pot plants hanging from it. This will enhance the overall look of your garden, making it seem bigger and less crowded. 

Garden furniture 

Outdoor furniture is a must-have. Since you are trying to make your space seem spacious, you can find furniture that won’t take up too much space. For example, you can find a petite patio furniture set. When thinking of buying outdoor furniture, think about the space you’re working with, the material you want and where you will place the furniture you buy.  Although you might not have space for a table, you can find a wooden garden bench. You don’t have to buy a table if your space is small. The bench can be used for aesthetic purposes, or it can be placed where you relax and need a peaceful evening.

Make a pathway 

Another prominent way to make your petite space appear large is by building a pathway. Just like the fencing, the pave way will connect to your patio, making your garden appear longer and more spacious. 

Have big pot plants instead of trees 

Having trees in your garden can make your backyard seem smaller. Trees are big and bulky and are not recommended for small gardens. Trees also create shade, making your garden seem dark and crowded. Instead, rather have a big pot plant with your favourite plant or flower. Although it is big, it won’t overcrowd your garden. 

Have a mirror to create a spacious look 

Mirrors will bring light into your garden and enlarge the look of your plants. This will immediately create an illusion that you have a considerable amount of space. But be mindful of where you place your mirror. If you have parts of your garden that are incomplete. It would be best to place the mirror away from that section. The last thing you want is to see a reflection of an untidy area.   Key things to remember: 
  • Place the mirror in a place that will give off an appealing and tidy reflection.
  • Use a full-length mirror. 
  • Place it in an area where it is unlikely to fall. 

Use the right colours to create a more prominent space 

The same concept about trees creating a crowded, smaller and darker look applies to colours as well. When you use bright colours, it will immediately be too loud and make your space seem smaller. However, when you use light, pastel colours, it creates a lighter look and takes your attention away, making space seem larger.  The key thing you need to remember is that in order for your space to seem bigger, there needs to light and brightness entering your area. This will also create a peaceful place, and that's what a good looking garden needs. 

Final thoughts 

Creating a space that appears spacious is possible if you take the time to be consistent. Once you have created the look you want, you can now enjoy the luxury of having your own spacious garden.