Everyone has a friend who has everything, and that makes it challenging for you to purchase them the ideal gift. It is even worse if you’re someone who generally struggles with choosing the right gift for loved ones. This may be because you suffer from gift-giving anxiety where you overthink everything. You often ask yourself, “what if they don’t like the gift” or “what if they already have this item. So, having a friend who seems to have everything can make gift buying an even more of a stressful task. When things become stressful, many people often end up leaving it to the last minute. If this is you, then you no longer need to worry. This article will give you some helpful tips to use when you are purchasing a gift for a friend. 

Take note of thing things your friend needs

Purchasing a gift for someone is more than watching their face light up with glee for a few minutes. Instead, it’s about how practical the gift will be after the moment has passed. Every person has items that they need but never get around to purchasing. This can be for several reasons, but in most cases, it’s because people get caught up with their lives and focus on purchasing their wants, that their needs may slip their minds. And this is where you come in. Listen to your friend carefully and try asking them subtle questions about what they need.  But if you want to get them the most thoughtful gift, a good tip would be for you to do your research a couple of months in advance. This will help you create a list or have an idea of what they need but just haven’t had the time to purchase. Once you have a list of your ideas, you can visit a gift shop and purchase exactly what your friend needs. 

Keep them in mind when travelling

Another idea is to get your friend a gift when you’re travelling. For example, if you’re travelling to the Western Cape for a weekend, then you can go to a gift shop in Cape Town and purchase a gift.  There are many gift stores in Cape Town that can help you find the ideal gift. This will also hold a sentimental value to your friend, as it will show them that you were thinking of them while you were away. This may also help you find a present that they do not have, and they will appreciate it.

Start listening to what your friend is saying

You may think that this pointer is similar to the first one, but it’s not. This time you’re just listening to them talk about the things they want or precious items that either broke or got lost. This is an effective way of purchasing a present you know they need and more importantly, one you know they will cherish. 

Give them a memorable experience

Yes, some friends may have everything that money can buy, but you can always create new memories. Creating beautiful memories with loved ones is always special, and it’s something both of you can cherish for many years to come.  Here’s a list of experiences you can share with your friend
  • A surprise dinner or lunch with close friends.
  • A hike or any adventure-thrilling activity (only if they enjoy physical activities).
  • A hot air balloon ride.
  • A spa treatment.
  • Go wine tasting. 
  • Go to an art gallery or theatre.
  • Visit a music festival.

Get your friend a gift card

If you have gift anxiety, then purchasing a gift card is the easiest present you can get your friend. Although some people may believe that a gift card is neutral or impersonal, that isn’t entirely true. A gift card is the only present that will allow the receiver to purchase something that THEY truly want.  If you want to give it a more personal touch, then you can buy them a gift card from a store they shop at. For example, if they love books, then you can purchase them a gift card from a book store. But you won’t have to worry about purchasing a book that they might not enjoy because it’s up to them. 

Make them something 

For those who can create magic with their hands, this is definitely for you. Handmade gifts have a sentimental value that anyone will treasure. If you aren’t creative but want a handcrafted gift, then you can get something made for your friend. Maybe a key chain with a quote or saying that describes them. 

Final thoughts

Buying gifts for your friends shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights. Because at the end of the day, you know your friends and you know what will mean something to them. So, just take note and listen to your heart and friend because it will guide you in purchasing the ideal gift, even for someone who has everything.