Have you always been interested in the welding industry? For instance, how these tradesmen work and how metal designs are created? If so, welding may be the perfect job for you.  Over the years, the need for welding in South Africa has continued to grow at a rapid pace.  But like every other career; it's always important to get an understanding of which industry you would potentially work in. Luckily for you, welding has become a necessary skill in many booming industries, so you have many options to choose from. Read the article below to find out what industry you can venture into and what type of welding you would do. 


Welding equipment is essential in the construction industry, as it is key to ensuring that projects go according to plan. Your welding skills can help produce production supplies or repair broken or damaged machinery. And depending on your expertise, you can become a customer consultant and advise them on what to look out for when choosing a welding machine? Welders who work in the construction industry usually work for commercial construction businesses which build bridges, dams and power plants. But, if this isn’t the path you’re looking for, you can go into home building and layer pipes for residential areas. 


The manufacturing industry is big; common jobs are mainly in mining, agriculture, metal and motor vehicle manufacturing. When working in a manufacturing plant, you’re mainly accountable for welding metal parts either to create a new product or repairing old ones. 

Oil and gas industry 

Again, this is an industry which is in constant need of welders. Welders are prominently involved in the fabrication and construction of oil and gas equipment, and repairs. If you choose this industry, you will be involved in the cutting, shaping and joining of metal. 

Metal fabrication

Welding skills will always be important in this industry as welders need to build structures. Those structures are built by cutting, bending and welding metal. And, your duties as a welder will also include welding for other industries like transportation and automotive.

Nuclear industry

Nuclear welding is an intensive job. This industry includes welding reactors for underwater welding in pools of radioactive water. To be good at this job, welders need to have remarkable precision and need to be able to do their welding under pressure. 


Boilermakers are experienced welders who work on producing steel parts and pipes. If you’re interested in this type of industry, you can work on bridges, power generating factories, ship constructions, engineering projects and commercial plants. A boilermakers duty is to fix, repipe and retube commercial streams, hot water pipes and boiler tanks.

Automotive and transportation industry

If you’ve always loved cars, then this is the industry for you. You can be part of the process, helping with the bodywork, chassis components, power trains, exhausts and seating manufacturing. And, although the auto industry uses welding robots, they still need welders. Robots can only do so much. But humans, on the other hand, are needed for specialised welding projects, and of course, to monitor the welding robots. 

Agriculture industry 

Welding is a key component in farming. And, although it may not seem like it would have an impact, it truly does because farms need equipment that works efficiently. Therefore, welding is essential during the off-season; this helps ensure that all the equipment is running smoothly when it's time to plant and harvest. Welders also need to be available to repair equipment when the need arises. So, agriculture is one of the industry’s that will always require welders. 

Wholesale trader 

Although this may not be the first job that comes to mind when looking for employment in welding. Many welders often prefer working in businesses which sell welding equipment and products and, more importantly, those businesses are often looking for welders. This helps to improve customer service, as welders can give professional recommendations to their customers. If you’re interested in working for a wholesale trader, it would be beneficial for you to either consider doing a business or marketing short course. This will help you in understanding the business side of things and make you a real asset to the team. 

Other services outside of the industry

Apart from working at a wholesaler, there are a few more options for you if you aren’t interested in working in the industry. For example, you can become a freelancer in plumbing, or for electrical appliances. However, you will need additional electric or plumbing training to ensure you know how to do the job fully. Freelancing can also be a starting point in your career until you know exactly what you want to do. 

Final thoughts

It’s clear that welding skills are in demand. Having a welding skill can help you to get into many job positions, as we all know that welders keep the world together. And, if you think about it, welders are involved during car manufacturing, construction and mining to building buildings. By keeping welders in jobs, they’re playing a role in keeping the economy moving.