A dog is a man’s best friend, and as an owner, you want to give your pooch the best of everything, even a kennel. With the available variety, it’s hard to know exactly what it is you need to look out for when buying a doghouse. Well, that’s what we’re here for.  We are going to help you find the perfect kennel for your little or big furry friend. 

Sizing for your dog’s house is key

As we all know, every dog is different. Some dogs are short and fluffy, some have a big build, and some are tall and lanky. So, you need to always think of that when you’re looking for a kennel. And, remember that a kennel for a dog is more than just four walls, it’s their private area, allowing them the space to relax and feel safe when you’re out of the house. So, make sure you get them a dog house that is big enough for them to snuggle in comfortably.  For you to know the right size, you need to measure your dog from head to paws, and from nose to tail. Once you have those measurements, add at least five inches to the size to create enough room for your canine to move around. This will allow your dog to move around with ease, whether they want to change position, or walk in and out of their kennel. 

Quality of material used for the kennel

The key to having the best kennel for your dog is by choosing one made from the right material. For example, many people prefer wood dog houses for their dogs. Yes, they are on the pricier side compared to a plastic kennel, but they offer more value and longevity.  Wooden kennels are sturdy; provide bite resistance, thermal insulation, and they offer low maintenance. Whereas plastic kennels, on the other hand, are inexpensive, good for winter seasons. They don’t last long, especially if your dog is a kennel chewer.  So, do what’s best for your furry friend and find them the best timber supplier in South Africa that will make you a good quality dog house. You can find wooden dog kennels in Cape Town and other cities that will make you and your little friend happy. 

Think of the functionality of the dog house

A good kennel is more than just about the size, its about the form and functionality. Just like humans, dogs want to feel comfortable in their little homes, and they need to love it. So, after you have chosen a kennel that’s suitable for the breed you have, you need to think about whether it has good airflow and if it’s easy to clean. Because, at the end of the day, when you leave your pet at home, you want your animal to feel comfortable in their kennel. You also want it to be easy to clean, especially if your four-legged pooch decides to cause a mess. So, when you’re purchasing a kennel, make sure you keep those two factors in mind. 

The location of the kennel

You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. And, that has a lot to do with where their kennel is located. Since the kennel will be outside, it’s important to find an area where your dog is sheltered from natural elements like rain, wind or the sun, as that can damage the kennel. It will also affect the dog’s comfortability. Your dog’s kennel should be somewhere that’s warm during winter and cool during summer. Hopefully, you can find a place that’s suitable for all seasons. Lastly, try and keep your dog's house close to the door to the house; this will help your dog feel loved and be able to interact with you and your family. This will make sending them to their kennel a breeze when you need to leave. 


As a pet owner, you understand that dogs are solely relying on you. This is why you need to give them all the care and provide them with everything they need. And, in order for your pooch to get into the hang of having their own kennel, they need to feel comfortable. So, make sure you follow these tips to ensure your four-legged creatures get the kennel they deserve. And, watch how they reward you with sloppy kisses.