A good pair of jeans is the foundation of each and every wardrobe. They are also at the centre of many fashion trends that we see on the streetstyle runways. And this is why you’ll find them at many clothing shops in Cape Town. They come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes. The challenge with them; however, is that you can buy a good pair of jeans at a high price hoping for longevity, and you might be disappointed to find that they get damaged real quick.  The problem here lies with the maintenance of the jeans. You can get a really high-quality pair of jeans from any of the reputable clothing stores in Cape Town, but if you do not properly take care of them, they will rip or the zip will get ruined.  There are a few secrets which are key in helping you take care of your favourite denim items. Read the article below to learn how to keep your denim items longlasting. 

Avoid washing them too often

As much as we’d like to think that we’re doing the right thing by washing our denim items after two to three days of use, we’re not. While they’re made from durable fabric, washing them every week can cause damage to the fabric and the colour in your blue jeans to fade quicker than necessary. And, ‘too often’ refers to anything more than once a month or at least after ten wears, according to denim experts. What happens when a piece of your lunch or dinner lands on your favourite pair after having washed it already? One answer, emergency wash, where you only focus on the stains and leave it out to dry.

Skip fabric softer 

When you do wash your denim jeans, do not add a fabric softener to it at all. Fabric softener kills the fibres in your denim; in the end, your denim will be worn out a lot faster than you need them to. 

Drop the dryer  

So, because denim fabric is durable, it may seem like a good idea to throw your denim items into the tumble dryer. Truth is, that is the worst idea. The dryer does not only alter the fit of your denim items, but it can also break it down, causing it to be worn out. The best option is to air dry it to ensure that it still keeps to its quality and fits the same.

Use cold water

When you decide to wash your denim item, wash it only with cold water. Hot water will shrink your denim jeans, and it also causes colour loss; this is why you’ll find that your black jean has turned greyish. 

Turn them inside out

If you’re now wondering how to wash jeans the right way, then you’ll be relieved to know that all you have to do is turn it inside out. Whether you’re hand washing your denim jeans or throwing them in the washing machine, it’s important that you turn them inside out. Doing this will help your jeans maintain its original colour. This also helps expose the dirtiest part of your denim, which is the inside, to water and soap in the machine. 

Get repairs 

In that unfortunate circumstance where your zip is damaged, there are holes building in between the thighs, or you simply need a  repair, there are a lot of qualified professionals who can fix your denim jeans and have it look as good as new.  

Final thoughts 

Having good quality denim clothes is not enough to keep them in their good state for longer. To ensure that they last, you have to do a couple of things to help maintain their health. Even though you might buy more than one pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket from any of the distinguished fashion stores in Cape Town, you might also have a favourite one that you seem to rotate on a regular basis. That means you will be more inclined to wash it more frequently.  But, unless you’ve stained your denim clothing with a taco or pie fillings, it’s advised to only wash them once a month or at least after wearing them about ten times. When you do finally wash the items, choose cold water and avoid fabric softener as well as the tumble dryer.