Children play a role in the future of our economy, and one of the most important places that shape them into adults, is school. Apart from education being a basic human right, there are many benefits. It shows young children the career path they wish to pursue, and it teaches them how to survive in the real world. Now, lack of proper infrastructure can be detrimental to the benefits of schooling. So, in order for South Africa to have a better tomorrow and visible economic growth, it is imperative that proper infrastructure is the norm across South Africa. Because education improves the quality of life and leads to broad social benefits for individuals, as well as society. Numerous studies claim that a conducive learning environment ensures higher attendance, focus, motivation and can reduce student drop out rates. For instance, one study done in the United Kingdom discovered that the environment and school infrastructure was linked to 16 percent of the variation in primary school students' academics. This shows that with the right tools at their disposal, children can achieve great things. So, to go further, this article discusses the impact proper school infrastructure has on learning. 

Teachers are motivated 

Teaching is a passion; however, under poor circumstances, even the most passionate teacher will feel demotivated. A teacher can only do so much, but they also need assistance in fostering a learning environment. One of the biggest impacts of school infrastructure is that it motivates not only students but teachers too, helping them to go above and beyond for the students. 

Increase in attendance 

For children to grow and learn, they need to attend school every day unless sick or have a family emergency. Now, unfortunately, a 100 percent attendance doesn’t happen in the real world; however, when children go to a school that offers them the tools and equipment they need to learn, school attendance can improve. Children need to be in spacious classrooms, have libraries, computer laboratories, and all the necessary equipment to help them learn. A school with poor infrastructure leaves a child feeling frustrated and confused, which hinders their learning process. When a child is not discouraged about the circumstances in the school, there is a higher chance children will want and be eager to attend as they will have all the learning facilities at their disposal. 

An environment that fosters children development

As mentioned in the introduction, children are the future, and this is why there is a need for learning infrastructure: it can help create future leaders that contribute to South Africa’s economic development. Many young children have hidden talents that they have yet to learn and discover. Sometimes, they cannot reach their full potential when they studying under poor conditions. This is not only robbing a child of a bright future but also robbing South Africa’s progress that could change the standard of living for many individuals. Having educational facilities and an educational system that helps nurture those talents will be a win for all. Allow young boys and girls to find what they truly love, whether that is science, medicine or the arts, so that they can reach their full potential. 

Creates interest in students to learn 

Having the best educational systems in infrastructure can help to improve children’s interest in learning. Because no child wants to learn in a school that doesn’t or struggles to get the basic necessities for learning. This causes demotivation, which, in turn, causes a high failure rate.  Those basic necessities include a library, computer lab, science laboratory and sports fields. All these necessities make a child want to learn, and it helps them envision their own future. Without those basic necessities, it will be hard for children to see and understand the importance of education. 

Help children see where their talents lie 

In the right environment, a child can find their passion or talent. They just need a place that nurtures this gift. Many children know what they want to do from a young age but cannot fulfil those dreams because their background’s disadvantages limit those dreams.

Final thoughts 

Children are creative and curious young beings who aren’t afraid to showcase their talents. However, because of the educational infrastructure in South Africa, some children often cannot become the best versions of themselves because they don’t have access to the resources and tools needed. And with the financial state, many South Africans are under pressure; some may not afford to send their children to private schools. Now, this should not stop a child from receiving proper education in a school that offers everything the child needs.