‘Work Ethic in the Hustle’ By Ashley Thekiso @AshOfCeremonies                                                                                       [Program Director/MC, Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer]   Eyta fellow hustlers:   So I attended our regular board meeting in Hatfield Pretoria for R.E.D [Youth Empowerment Board that I sit on with 5 other very powerful young minds]. It was very inspiring and I was amazed to see that everyone there is looking for something bigger than them; everyone there is looking to make some sort of social impact. It may be to make a huge difference in the world or to change the lives of 5 kids in a village but to me a difference made is worth more than just being a spectator in life. I was very impressed at the work ethic I saw in that one boardroom with ideas flowing around like birds and yet it is our first board meeting. You see there was no one who felt left out in a sense that every single person chosen to sit on that board is gifted in their own right. Today I would like to address work ethic folks. You see; most of the time we get distracted and get so busy that we think we are being productive however when we sit down at the end the day and measure our productivity by looking at the results we find that we have not achieved as much as we should have. It is one thing to look busy; but it is a totally different story to actually be doing worthy tasks that will see you grow exponentially into your future success. If you have not put in the work; do not expect the results of someone who has put in the work to get the results. To be passionate about something means being able to give it everything you have, giving it all your attention and steadily working towards it with the vision of progress all the way through the obstacles that may come your way.   There is no path worth travelling that does not have obstacles; therefore we as hustlers must humble ourselves and learn from these obstacles that we all will face at some point of this hustle. The amount of work you put in to your hustle will show in the profits and sales statements at the end of each month. It is easy to say you have been working hard when you see sales figures being high; the issue here is whether or not your profit margins say the same thing. We all have to start somewhere to be able to get the necessary experience we require to prosper in our respective hustles. However what shocks me the most is that our average South African youth will work harder for a boss than they will ever work to build themselves; they will work harder at climbing the corporate leader of one company than they would work on their personal profiles that can build them over a broader spectrum of opportunities.   I am not talking about working hard to please another; I am talking about working hard to improve yourself more than just your boss. We can’t all be entrepreneurs but that should not stop you from being excellent at being the professional that you set out to be. At the end of the day all success takes hard work; it takes sleepless nights, it takes sacrifice and an undeterred determination/focus. Let’s go out there and put in the work so we can see results!  

It is up to us to oil up the economic engine of South Africa, let’s pay our dues in this game so that when we finally make it; it is worth it. We have been given this freedom by those who came before us; the least we can do is prove that we deserve it.                                                                 Existence is given; Life is a choice – Ashley Thekiso