osd_sign_0 Occupy Higher Education Movement (OM), as a revolutionary student movement that has played a critical role in mobilizing students during the FeesMustFall Protests last year, has taken a revolutionary position to provide a political program in the midst of the confusion hanging over the hands of many at this moment. Below is the proposed program: 1. We call for a National Day of Action (24 October 2016) as a day where all students across the country will occupy Union Buildings and this shall mark an anniversary of FeesMustFall as the movement will be turning one year. 2. We call for all progressive student formations to meet urgently and have a common position over the Free Higher Education Commission. The current posture, wherein students formations are not sure whether to participate or boycott, has a potential to harm the unity of students as different messages are sent across. We believe student leaders must take advantage of the establishment of this commission to raise the consciousness of students and the youth by reporting consistently putting the demands for cancellation of student debts and free education for all while mobilizing across the country. A boycott without a political program and strategy is suicidal and can lead to a decentralized bargaining which will negatively affect poor and historically black Universities and colleges. 3. We call for South African Union of Students (SAUS) to avoid their superman tendencies of rushing to make pronouncements before reflecting with students and organizations that enjoy support at campus level. The recent call for 'Shutdown' sounds like bird melodies in the morning, sweet and beautiful but won't feel the stomach of a hungry person. Rushing to pronounce 'shutdown' without any concrete and pragmatic plan is criminal deserves to be condemned harshly. The current SAUS leadership is constituted of deployees from South African Student Congress (SASCO) which is the biggest student organization in Africa and it is very disappointing for the deployees to make pronunciations while the deployer is participating in the negotiations for free education through the newly established commission. SAUS is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Training and as the old teaching say: You can't bite the hand that feeds you. We won't shocked if the leadership will soon vanish after causing chaos given the absence of sound and clear political program. 4. We call on the government and ministry of Higher Education to remember that Free Education is nothing without proper infrastructure that can ensure conducive learning and living for our students. Infrastructural development in Universities such as UniVen, TUT, WSU, DUT, Mangosuthu, CUT, VUT and other historically black Institutions must be a priority because Free Education under a tree or in leaking classrooms is just equal to nothing as student will just feel they are studying in old factories that used to produce cement. Our Universities are falling. Building have dilapidated and no academic professionals are running away from these building that can collapse anytime. 5. As we commemorate Marikana Massacre, we call on the government to stop spoiling the architects, constructors and sustainers of colonialism and apartheid in South Africa. Lonmin and AngloAmerican make profits that can fund free education and end the crisis of unemployment in South Africa but all they contribute to the country today is the massive capital fight collapsing the economy of the country. South Africa is reported to be loosing around R147 billion a year to capital flight and this amount can resolve all the problems we face in higher education. Higher education is sustained, currently, with funding of about R25-billion and it will require additional R71-billion to provide free education, this basically means South Africa needs R96-billion to fund free education and we are already loosing R147-billion to illicit cash flows every year. 6. We call for all academic lectures and those responsible for knowledge production in Higher Education to join the call for free and quality education by challenging the Neo-liberal teachings as advanced by World Bank and IMF with an intention to chain all of us to poverty. World Bank and IMF never loved Africa and nothing coming out of those devilish bodies will provide solutions to African problems. Stop feeding students with the poisons provided by Imperialist Institutions! 7. We call for better wages for academics in Universities and Colleges. Universities and colleges must stop reducing academic staff to non-factors in Institutions of Higher Learning and Training whereas the real heart and soul of these institutions lies with these workers. We are loosing lectures everyday. Undergraduate students have become lectures and this is perceived to be correct and the damage it cause to our Institutions will be felt by our children when they begin to nominate lectures among themselves as students given the current attacks directed at academic lectures. 8. The organization calls for the government to abolish tax on study materials as it amount to taxation on knowledge of our people and it remains a form of academic exclusion for students who cannot afford the already expensive study materials. Abolish the 14% reading tax imposed on poor students. SARS must focus on fighting capital flight and save the country the billions of Rands we are loosing and stop taxing us for attempting to gain knowledge. Occupy Movement is popularly known of occupying the Department of Higher Education and Training as well as Occupying the Reserve Bank calling for serious attention to be given to free education. The organization has called for City Property and other Property Companies such as Huurkor to stop milking poor students who couldn't be accommodated in University Student Accommodation due to the shortage of student housing. The movement is committed to raising the consciousness of students and doesn't contest SRC elections or regards itself as a bureaucratic formation but a vehicle for social transformation. Issued by MJ wa Azania, National Spokesperson. 0824208303