shoppingWe all love a bargain. As a student, you don’t have much cash and you’re always on the lookout for a sale. We tell stories about the massive discount we scored on finding something we need at a secondhand store or at a major sale. But there are some things you just shouldn’t skimp on. You’re going to start earning a salary soon and the temptation may be to start spending money on everything you can find. A good life lesson is to be as frugal as possible on most things. But not on these seven things. Mattress You’re going to spend at least a third of your life in bed. A poor quality mattress, whether it’s too hard or too soft, will give you back problems later in life. And that’s going to cost you far more in the long term than spending on a quality mattress now. Underwear If you’re a woman, those granny panties may be super comfortable. But how do they make you feel? Probably not very confident, powerful and attractive. That doesn't mean that you need to wear skimpy, lacy and expensive underwear. But good quality women’s underwear is a must. Even if it’s only psychologically, they’ll make you feel better than cheap underwear ever will. Men, on the other hand, are lucky enough to be able to get away with just about anything. Skincare Take care of your skin now and your future self will thank you. Taking care of your skin while you’re young is an important investment to make. You'll need to find a range of skincare products which suits your skin. Once you find your ideal product range, you need to invest in cleanser, toner, moisturiser and, important, sunscreen. Perfume There’s something about cheap perfume which makes it instantly obvious. It’s a cloying, sweet scent which clings to everything in the room. there's a reason you’ve heard the phrase “smell of cheap perfume”. That’s not the impression you want to leave with people. Running shoes Running can be great for your health but it does come with the potential for injury. Much of that can be mitigated though with the correct running shoes. Don’t make the mistake of thinking proper shoes are just too expensive. These shoes are expensive for good reason. Education Your education is definitely worth spending time, energy and money on. While you’re at university, it’s essential that you make the most of your opportunity to learn. This is your chance to get ahead and make a success of your life. Interview outfit You’ll be graduating soon, going for job interviews and getting your first job. The outfit you wear to your interviews is important. You’ll probably need to spend a little bit of money to make sure you have at least one outfit which is guaranteed to impress. Remember, there’s no need to dress like you’re going to a funeral, you just need to look like you’re clean and like you made an effort.