images Following extensive engagements with Student Leadership this week, it was resolved that some of the issues being raised by student representatives fall within the jurisdiction of Council. Student Leadership have since met with a Council representative, however talks could not be finalised as Council needs to consider the SRC’s request for a seat on the University’s Executive Management Committee (EMC). Seats on the EMC are usually reserved for members of the University Executive who are appointed by Council. The statute of the University however, does allow for the SRC to be represented on the Council and Senate committees, which they are a part of. The SRC have now requested to meet with the full University Council to further discuss their request for students to be represented on the EMC as well as to discuss the issue of student disciplinary cases related to the campus unrests. The Chair of Council has advised the SRC that an opportunity will be afforded to a delegation of the SRC to table these matters at a Council meeting scheduled for the 19th of September 2016. On the issues relating to fee increments and free education, the University is sympathetic to the plight of students but, like all others, awaits the Department of Higher Education‘s guidance on this matter. To date, there has not been any decision on fees for 2017 and Council will only finalise this in November 2016. Management is however, committed to finding sustainable solutions in resolving all matters raised by students and remains open to engagements with student representatives. Management thanks all students and staff for their patience during this time. We reassure all students that the academic programme will resume on Monday, 29 August 2016 and every effort will be made to ensure that the campus is conducive to teaching and learning. Additional security measures will also be put in place. Regards Dr Albert van Jaarsveld Vice-Chancellor and Principal University of KwaZulu-Natal