googleWhile you’re studying the last thing you want to do during your precious holiday or weekend time is work. You have to survive endless lectures, tests and exams. You deserve to have some time off without any responsibility, to just relax and have some fun, right? But sometimes it’s important that you do work. An example of this is volunteer work. Volunteer work is an excellent opportunity to explore while you’re studying. These are some of the reasons why. You can help people This is by far the most important reason. Whether you’re serving meals at a soup kitchen or assisting with farming in Ghana by implementing what you’ve learned in classes, your volunteering can have a real impact on people’s lives. You’ll be able to see the effect you’re having on the people around you, and that will begin to inspire you to do even more. You’ll gain practical experience Once you graduate and start looking for work, you’ll notice that every job advert calls for applicants with experience. That’s a real blow to students. You can’t get experience unless you work, and you can’t get work unless you have experience. And that’s why volunteering can be so beneficial to you. You’ll gain experience in your field of choice and get insight into the industry. You might decide you hate it and choose to change directions. Or you might fall in love with it and realise you’ve made the correct choice. It’ll look great on your CV Future employers will admire you for going out and finding volunteer work. They’ll admire your work ethic and determination to gain experience. You’ll have the practical experience they’re looking for and you’ll have shown your willingness to work hard. You’ll learn a little bit about life and yourself It’s important that you gain a little bit of life experience and learn about living in the real world before you join the working world. You’ll suddenly be exposed to people you’ve never interacted with before. You’ll experience the world in ways you’ve never seen it or thought about it. All of that can make you a more mature, more well-rounded worker. And that makes you an asset in the workplace. If nothing else, you’ll have more to talk about in job interviews than your peers who spent their holidays or weekends watching TV or spending time at the beach. Image: Pexels