friendsOne of the best parts about living on campus is when your friends from home come to visit. You're able to show them around, invite them into this new part of your life and show them how you’ve matured since you last saw them. Spending time with your friends is always going to be the best time. And when your friends are visiting you at campus and getting to know your new life, that’s guaranteed to be the best time ever. Here are a few ways to have fun this weekend with your friends who are visiting from out of town: Potluck dinner party. Invite your friends around for dinner and ask them to each bring part of the meal. That way you’ll be able to introduce your new friends to your old friends without costing you too much. Host a spa day. Sometimes you just want to put on a face mask, paint your nails and relax with your friends. Hosting a spa day at your place is an easy way to chill, have fun and feel a little more relaxed afterwards. Go on a walking tour of your campus. You want to show your friends where you’ve been all this time. This is the ideal way to combine exercise, spending quality time together and showing them what you’ve been up to. Build a pillow and blanket fort. Grab all the pillows and blankets you can find, and spend the evening hanging out in your lounge fort. There’s just something about doing this that leads to the best conversations and opportunities for really catching up. Movie marathon. If you and your besties have a whole bunch of favourite movies, now is the time to catch up on all of them. You can share stories about the first time you watched them together. Play board games. Everyone has their favourite games. Whether yours is 30 Seconds, Monopoly or Scrabble, now is the time to play them all, just like the two of you used to do when you were a kid. Get out to your local park. Remember how when you were younger you would spend all weekend at the park on the swings and slides? This is your opportunity to do that all over again. Find out about free days at your local museum or zoo. Most museums and zoos have days when it’s free to get in or at the very least a little cheaper. This is the ideal time to explore what your new city has to offer. Go to an open mic night. Whether it’s singing or comedy, there's an open mic night somewhere in your town which you and your friends can take advantage of to show off your talents. Start a club or side project. You’ve always wanted to start that club on campus or create your own website/record a podcast/write a book. If you do this now, your friend can help you. They can brainstorm with you and by the end of your weekend together, it’ll be all set up and ready to launch. Image: Pexels