Grocery shopping Moving out on your own for the first time is exciting. You’re in charge of your own space now. Even if you have roommates, there’s still nobody who can tell you what time to wake up in the morning or what to have for dinner. It’s all new and you can’t wait to enjoy your happy new home. The thing is, living on your own comes with a price tag. And one of the biggest expenses you’re going to have to face is food. Grocery shopping is not as easy as people initially think. There are adults in their thirties who still don’t know how to do it properly. If you don’t purchase your food the right way, you’re going to run out of cash quickly.   So, here are a few tips on how to shop on a budget. Never shop when you’re hungry It may sound silly but shopping for food on an empty stomach is the best way to ensure you’ll over spend. Every food item looks delicious and you’re sure you’re going to eat a lot of it. That’s why you buy more of it. If you go shopping when you’ve just eaten, you’ll be more aware of what you’re putting in the trolley and the price of it. You’re also more likely to purchase quick snacks you can eat on the way home and that’s a great way to waste money. Make a list and stick to it Before you go shopping (and after you’ve eaten a meal) make a comprehensive list of everything you need to buy. Budget carefully and think ahead about what you’d like to cook. Don’t think of food you’d like to eat on the spot but rather things you can cook together to make a well-balanced meal. Make sure it’s actual food and not just what you want to eat while you curl up under the duvet covers binge watching Stranger Things. And once you hit the store, stick to that list. Don’t get distracted by all the yummy snacks. Don’t let food go to waste Check the expiry dates before you purchase to make sure you have enough time to actually eat the food before it goes off. Obviously you need to freeze any meat you don’t plan to cook right away. And then actually cook everything you buy. Don’t go out for meals when you know you have food at home that’s about to expire. Letting food go to waste is just throwing money in the dustbin because you’re going to have to replace it. Image: Pexels