img_20160907_090842-300x291 Professor Mpfariseni Budeli completed her PhD in commercial law at the University of Cape Town in 2007. She was the first black South African woman to obtain a PhD in commercial law from this -previously white South African academic institution. She is currently -professor of labour law in the department of mercantile law of the University of South Africa, making her the first black South African woman to be a full professor of law at the university. Budeli’s main research focus is freedom of association and trade unionism. Her work reflects the development and growth of the understanding of the concept of the right to freedom of association in the workplace, to its entrenchment and enforcement in the domestic law of South Africa, as well as at regional and international level. Her work has had an impact on labour law teaching and research in South Africa and other African countries, such as Zambia and Tanzania. Budeli has published 19 research articles in high-profile national and international journals. In 2012, she received a National Research Foundation Y2-rating (for young researchers). In 2011, Budeli became one of 20 founding members of the South African Young Academy of Science. In 2008, she was invited by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to join the ILO network of experts on freedom of association and collective bargaining. Budeli has prepared several ILO reports, the most recent being “Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Rural Sector: The Case of South Africa”. At a regional level Budeli has collaborated with colleagues and organisations in Africa. This led to her election as a member of the -scientific committee of the second international conference on regional integration and Southern African Development Community (SADC) Law, organised by the University of Namibia and the University of Cape Town. She is also a member of the editorial board of the SADC Law Journal. Budeli became a member of the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers in 2010 and regularly -participates in its activities. She has supervised three master’s students and is currently supervising several LlM and LlD candidates. As an attorney of the High Court of South Africa, she also holds membership of the Law Society of South Africa. SOURCE: Mail & Guardian and MyVenda