14212162_10154480300022421_4863917936590744060_n Muhammed Sheik, a fourth-year medical student at the Stellies Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, is on his way to represent South Africa in the international Qur’aan Memorisation competition in Makkah (Saudi Arabia) later this year. Muhammed has memorised the entire Qur’aan from cover to cover and is an expert reciter of the Qur’aan and understanding all the rules of recital. Muhammed, who delivered his first sermon at the age of 12, says a highlight of his life was when he lead congregational prayers during the holy month of Ramadan at Mosques in Egypt. He shares some wise advice: “Excellence stems from gratitude and perseverance. One has to be grateful to everyone and everything around us. Appreciate everything that you have. Many people around you are making it possible for you to succeed. You are the captain of a successful ship steering towards a bright future.” SOURCE: University of Stellenbosch