Lectures So, the year is winding down. Exams are closing in on you and stress is starting to rear its ugly head. While it may not be time to pull all-nighters just yet, it is time you start preparing. One thing students often do wrong when getting ready for the exam period is not making the most of lectures. There’s a difference between attending your lectures because you have to and getting everything you can from an exam. Your lecturers are there for a reason and that reason isn’t to make your life difficult. They actually want you to do well, it’s a reflection on their teaching skills after all. So, here are some ways you can get everything you need from the lectures leading up to exams. Get your mind ready to learn Early lectures are the worst. You hit snooze on your alarm clock and barely make it out of your pyjamas before leaving your room (or maybe you don’t even bother). By the time you get to the lecture hall you’re still yawning and trying desperately to stay awake. But that’s not the best way to learn. Your mind is still waking up and is therefore not yet prepared to take in any information. It’s important you get your brain ready before going to class. Wake up a little earlier so you can get a shower and some breakfast in before you leave. And if caffeine is your thing, don’t miss your morning coffee. If class is within walking distance, rather get a quick workout instead of driving. Record the lesson in the best way for you There are many different ways to record info in a lecture. Some people find handwriting notes is a great way to take everything in. Others find it quicker and easier to type on a laptop. If neither of these work for you, then perhaps you should try using a voice recorder. You probably have quite a good one on your smartphone already so you don’t need to purchase anything. Simply sit in a quiet place near the front. If storage is a problem, transfer the files to your computer every day. Then you can listen to your lecture like a podcast when you’re doing laundry or driving to the shops.   Ask questions Raising your hand in class is not always easy, especially if you’re a naturally shy person. However, you you have to understand the material you’re being taught. Chances are if you have question about your sales and marketing courses, then others do too. But if you can’t stand the idea of being the centre of attention, approach your lecturer afterwards. They aren’t going to dismiss you. It’s all part of their job, anyway. Image: Pexels