photo A University of Pretoria (UP) student leader, who made racist comments on social media in which he threatened to kill white people, has now apologised for his post. Luvuyo Menziwa has since been suspended from the SRC while the University is investigating the matter. Fourth year Education student, SRC and Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) Student Command member is in hot water over his Facebook post. In the post he stated reasons why he hated white people citing white arrogance, white privilege and white capital monopoly.  He also threatened to kill whites. Menziwa says his Facebook rant was an emotional reaction to allegations of racism at Pretoria Girls High School. “Looking at the impact it made and the reaction from the people offended by it, I definitely regret that post I made and a public official apology is coming. I’m working on the letter right now and will be made public,” says Menziwa. Tuks SRC says it does not support Menziwa's comments but says he must be given a chance to explain himself. UP SRC president, Thabo Shingange says, “Luvuyo Menziwa has been suspended from SRC, not the university. We do not as SRC condone any form of violence any form of killing anyone regardless of race, black, white, coloured, Indian or Chinese.” Meanwhile AfriForum Youth at Tuks have laid criminal charges against Menziwa. AfriForum Youth, Henrico Barnard says, “The case is on three factors: intimidation, crimen injuria also incitement of violence. This is serious because he is an SRC member, students look up to him, he has a big influence. We can't have leaders like this - posting racism on Facebook.” The university has opened an investigation but has not yet taken action against Menziwa. SOURCE: SABCNews