Starting from the bottom You’re going to be making your way into the working world soon. And, unless you decide to study further, there’s not much you can do about that. Of course, it’s going to be great. You’ll learn so much and, finally, have your own income. But there’s one thing you should know from the start: you’re probably going to have to start at the bottom. At first you may resent it. Being at the bottom of the food chain and having to do all the grunt work isn’t fun. But, it’s actually a good thing and here’s why. You still have loads to learn Let’s not joke, you don’t know everything. Not yet, anyway. And there are a lot of skills you need to acquire and a lot of information you still need to learn about the industry. Studying is one thing, but actually putting what you’ve learned into practice is quite another. In a higher position you may find yourself unable to deliver If you start at a small company, like a startup, you may find you’re given a bigger title despite your lack of experience. It may seem great at the time but having no experience could come back to bite you. There will be things you don’t know how to handle but you will be expected to handle them anyway. And you can’t make any excuses because it’s your job. There’s nowhere to go but up The start of your career is important. If you begin as an intern or a junior there is nowhere to go but up. You can’t be demoted and you can’t earn any less. And yes, that’s a good thing. It means you have the ability to move up, no matter what industry you’re in or company you’re working at. You’ll be able to handle your responsibilities They won’t give you more than you can handle when you first start. And, if you’re struggling, you can always ask for help. Your responsibilities won’t be huge and if you make a mistake there are always people around to correct you and the fate of the company is never in your hands. It gives you time to get comfortable in the working world You’re at the very beginning of your life in the real world and you have a lot to figure out. It’s not just about your career at the moment. You’ve got to learn how to budget, get your medical health insurance sorted and pay your rent on time. There’s a lot to do and being a junior or an intern means you’ll also have time to focus on those things. Image: Pexels