Inner child With everything going on with our studies and all our everyday responsibilities, life gets hectic. Our schedules are overcrowded with tasks and classes and our days are packed. And that means that parts of our lives suffer. We have to give up some things in order to get through the week, after all. One of the things we often give up is play. Good old fashioned, childish play. We take everything so seriously these days that we forget to have a little ridiculous fun. Here are a few reasons why you should start indulging your inner child today.   Everyone needs time to daydream Daydreaming is one of those things people do but never pay attention to. When you play for no other reason than enjoyment, it gives you time to explore your imagination. Thinking without purpose can give you amazing perspective on your life and what you want to do. You’ll find all sorts of meaning hidden in your fantasies, especially when you’re not over thinking it. What you think about when your mind wanders can tell you a lot about yourself and where your priorities lie. Playtime can reduce stress Studying is stressful. You have to try keep up with all your subjects and balance a whole bunch of tests and work. Everything you do has a purpose and is designed to get you further in life. But that’s what causes stress. If you live in overdrive, you’re going to burn out. That’s why you need to play. You need a few hours a week to be carefree and not worry about anything at all. It’s the best way to ensure you relax and forget all your issues. You’ll find yourself a lot more productive when you go back to hitting the books. A little frivolous fun can boost your creativity No matter what you’re studying, you need to be creative. Whether you’re writing essays or coming up with marketing strategies, you need a little creative energy in your life. A little frivolous fun can make all the difference. It gives you time to laugh and relax, which will spark ideas and interesting thoughts. Think about children and how creative they are, it’s all because they spend most of their time playing. So, give yourself some time to indulge your inner child. Got to the park and play on jungle gyms or spend some time at an oldschool arcade. You won’t regret it. Image: Pexels