The court had found the institution liable for damages to Izak Potgieter who was rendered a paraplegic trying to escape the fire. Stellenbosch University has lost its appeal against a ruling holding it liable for damages relating to a 2007 fire at a residence that left one student disabled. The Western Cape High Court dismissed the university’s appeal this week. In November the court found the institution liable for damages to Izak Potgieter, who was a student in 2007. Potgieter was a third year student staying at the Eendrag men’s residence in 2007. He sustained burn wounds and was rendered a paraplegic after trying to escape a fire at the hostel. Potgieter had to escape through his third floor room window. Last year the court found the university should have taken reasonable steps to guard against a repeat of a fire at another residence on campus several years earlier. SOURCE: EWN