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If you want to be a successful student, it’s important that you put a lot of effort into your work. That includes paying attention in class, communicating with lecturers and setting aside time to study the course material. But some students find it difficult to fully grasp the notes on their own. And this is where the help of a study group comes in handy.

Being part of a study group is an effective way to enhance learning. You’re likely to share unique insights and learn from each other. If there are concepts you don’t understand, other members might be able to explain them to you. Study groups are especially beneficial when you want to complete projects or assignments, prepare presentations and study for exams.

Joining a study group can either help you grow or pull you down. It all depends on what you make of it. So, it’s important to go to these groups with an open mind and an end goal. This is the perfect way to stay on top of your classes and reinforce what you’ve learned. Here are a few advantages of being part of a study group.

No more procrastination

Everyone is sometimes guilty of delaying and pushing back assignments and studying. This could happen if you’re studying on your own. When you join a study group, you’ll meet at regular times. And this could help you avoid procrastination. When you’re studying on your own, you might end up cramming for your exams the night before. But at the study group, you’ll have a specific time where you need to be present. You won’t be able to procrastinate unless you skip the study group completely. So, if you struggle with procrastination, joining a study group might be your solution.

You’ll get new perspective

Everyone has different ways of making notes and studying. When you study by yourself, you’ll always see your notes from the same perspective. This isn’t a problem but it’s sometimes better to see how others are doing it. Getting a fresh perspective on a module can help you learn it more thoroughly. A study group is a perfect place where you’ll find these new and different perspectives. As you listen and ask questions, you’ll notice there are different viewpoints on the same idea. It’ll force you to think more about your position and will develop your critical thinking skills while helping you study.

Learn new study skills

Besides learning and seeing new perspectives, you’re also likely to find new study techniques. As mentioned earlier, every student is different and therefore has their own study techniques. Yours might work for you but there’s always room to improve your study skills. If you join a study group, you’ll see different study methods in action. Everyone in the group might do the same HR management course or modules but it doesn’t mean you have the same study techniques and skills. You can always learn the skills from your fellow group members and incorporate the best ones with your own. You can also help others improve their skills by sharing yours.

Learn faster

How long does it take you to learn a module? A week? Perhaps two? If you work together with other people, you’ll generally learn faster. There might be a module or two that you don’t understand but which is clear to another student and vice versa. That way you can help each other. So, instead of spending valuable time thinking about how difficult it is to study, you can learn quickly by simply asking a question.

Avoid getting bored

You can quickly get bored when studying by yourself, especially for long hours. But if you join a group, you won’t get bored that easily. There will be someone to discuss topics and modules. So, when you struggle or find a specific topic boring, you can just ask a group member to help you. Also, if you don’t like to study alone or in silence, a study group is your answer.

Fill in the gaps in your study notes

Are you missing a few notes? A study group is a perfect place to gather those notes. Your fellow group members might have notes you don’t have and you can share with them what they don’t have. Compare your notes with others and test your accuracy. You can also fix errors and get ideas for better note taking. And if you think you’re a better note taker, you can help other students in your study group.

Before joining a group, first ask yourself what it is you want to achieve out of a study group. It’s best to choose a group that does similar courses. That way you can ensure you’ll reach your study goals together.