Paper writer: who is he?
Today you will not surprise anyone with numerous paper writing services offering their help online. Each of them boasts a huge list of writers who can complete an academic paper of any difficulty and the best quality. However, it is not easy to find a professional academic writer as writing is not only a skill but also a talent. Not everyone can take a pen or keyboard and compose a coherent and readable text on the topic. An academic writer is a person who provides writing help to people, most often students, who are not able to complete their written assignments themselves because of different circumstances. This person usually works online and deals with various types of university papers.

How to choose a professional paper writer?
It happens that writing companies give their customers an exclusive opportunity to choose paper writers themselves. They can look through a variety of profiles and read testimonials but a choice remains difficult all the same. Some people can not find a single best writer because of a big choice, while the others get lost in the abundance of information. In general, there are several things to consider choosing an academic writer:

1. Field of study
It goes without saying that a mathematician will hardly write a decent paper in Literature or biology. It is more an exception than rule. So when you look for a good writer pay attention to the specialty/ subject he or she majors in. If it does not coincide with yours, opt for similar or closely connected subjects. For example, a physician can be knowledgeable of math, while English teacher can deal with many humanitarian sciences.

2. Education
A good writer’s education is a huge part of your success. If this person has had enough academic writing experience and nice instructors during his studying, it means that he is more likely to complete a high-quality paper. Of course, you can’t learn who his instructor was or what grades he had for his own papers, but people with at least Bachelor or Master’s degree, who have graduated from popular all over the world universities and colleges (top 100, for example) will do their job more effectively.

3. Professional experience
Every person tends to cope with his responsibilities better each time he practices to do that. If you cook regularly, you will gradually become a chef. The same situation is with writers: if a person has completed over a dozen of papers or has tutoring experience, his knowledge of how an efficient paper should look like will be vast. However, students of technical departments can also pay attention to practical technicians: use of terms, better practical knowledge, awareness of credible sources are only some of the benefits that can contribute to the success of your paper. Always look at the number of the successfully completed papers as well as professional experience to realize if this person has anything to do with writing at all.

4. Testimonials of other clients
Reputable companies that offer writing paper for money always seek decent writers. They never cooperate with ones who fail tasks or avoid considering instructions. But to prevent yourself from a trap of an intern or beginner, look through testimonials of other clients. It is natural that all of them can not be excellent, but if a writer is able to correct his mistakes, the tendency will be the following: non-satisfactory initial reviews will gradually grow into positive ones and their number will be quite big.

5. Fluency in English language
Do you believe that a foreigner can express his thoughts in English better than a native speaker? Undoubtedly, there are such unique personalities but there is little chance that they will write academic papers online. A custom essay writing or research paper in English must be written by a person, who knows it from the childhood and considers it a native one.