If you are designing a project and want it to stand out from all the rest, there are some things that you should keep in mind that will easily enhance your work and make it feel unique. An excellent idea for this is to include different media types to make the assignment more engaging or interactive, and truly memorable for your audience. With this in mind, read on to see how simple it is to incorporate a variety of media, especially video, in your projects.

Creating the best project possible

You want to produce student projects that are the best they possibly can be, involving your classmates, impressing professors, and making the highest possible score, make sure that you first meet all the minimum standards set out by your beforehand. It’s great if you produce a fantastic, inventive project, but if you forget to include any of the basic requirements then you could lose out big time.

Before starting anything, read the instructions carefully and get clarification from your professor if necessary. After that you can start getting creative, going above and beyond with extras like videos and other media.

Mix it up

Students have been making their projects stand out by mixing elements of social media, graphic design, and video. If it is within project guidelines, then creativity can take your project to the next level. In fact, those who score most highly typically go way beyond the basic requirements.

Benefits of video

Higher education and the business world are now utilizing video content more than ever before as viewers generally find this form more interesting and easier to digest. Educators and students are also using video to better communicate, which is why they are increasingly being used in student projects.

Videos used in education can link classroom learning and school projects with the professional business world that is waiting for students. After graduation, you will likely attend or host virtual video conferences and engage with remote co-workers via video chat. By integrating this medium into your work as soon as possible, you can show professors and future employers that, not only are you ahead of the curve, but that you are also ready for the professional world.

Immersive video

When making a presentation, consider an engaging video to set it apart from the rest. Your classmates will thank you for making it exciting and your professor is more likely to remember your presentation. Teachers are often looking for students willing to do extra work and when you do they will be more interested in helping you to enter the world of work after graduation.

How to do it

Keep viewers engaged with several small videos throughout your project that emphasize specific points you are making, provide examples, or introduce new sections. Remember, don’t make your videos too long as this will have the opposite effect and could make your audience feel like they don’t have to pay attention. When adding videos, you should use a high-quality movie maker to give the most professional look possible.

Styles of video

Projects that cover lengthy topics can sometimes be brought to life with short video clips. With the help of a few friends, you can reenact historical events, present comic interludes, supplementary information relating to other aspects of your project.

Law students could set up a mock courtroom to bring your project to life, perhaps including a black and white filter to make it feel like a 1950s movie. Communications students might interview the public by asking on-topic questions and providing the correct answers while capturing it all on video. Graphic design, computer science, or accounting projects can be illustrated with step-by-step instructional videos.

These are just a few ways in which you can use video to make a project more interesting and engaging. Video presentations are becoming more commonly used across education and they often attract higher marks from teachers, on top of that they are simply fun to create and will make your work so much more enjoyable. So, for your next project why don’t you seriously consider including some video and grab those top marks?