The tuition business in Singapore has grown tremendously over the years. Nowadays promising to improve children’s grades is not enough of a promise to make it in the tuition business. Being innovative has proved to be a great marketing tool for tutors looking to be successful.

Tutors and tuition centers in general are looking for other diverse ways to improve the services they offer. For instance, tuition centers provide offers such as free snacks, soccer pitches and in-house cafes. The primary drive behind this is to create a relaxed environment for the students to learn. Other tutors are also offering extra time and space for students to do their homework and even engage in group discussions.

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Flyers Plus Freebies

As a marketing strategy, tutors and tuition center owners station their salespeople outside schools to distribute their leaflets alongside free presents. The gifts vary from writing pads to mathematical sets. This move is made to ensure more students sign up for tuition. In addition, students performing well will still enjoy the gifts even if they do not sign up.

Crash Sessions

Exam time always proves a good time for tutors to make more money by taking on students who have not prepared adequately. Most tuition centers are now offering crash lessons, which are more expensive because they are more intense than standard classes. Tuition centers summarize the whole syllabus for the students coupled with review questions to test the students before sitting for their tests. The primary motive behind these sessions is to ensure the students pass their exams with the limited time spent preparing for them.

Cocurricular Activities

Apart from performing well in exams such as PSLE, a national examination in Singapore, parents want their kids to be proficient enough to make it in the demanding job market. Several tuition centers within Singapore offer workshops and seminars for students during their holidays. The programmes are tailored to teach real-world problem solving and analytical skills needed to succeed in the outside world. Wealth management skills are an example of the skills students are taught.


Nowadays, most kids spend much time on the internet. Tuition centers are tapping into this by offering classes via media such as Skype or in the form of online videos. This, of course, will allow students to study from any location, which reduces expenses such as travel.

Free Transport

Distance is, at times, a barrier to attracting students from far and wide. Tuition centers offer free bus rides to and from their locations to curb this. Making it easy for students to commute to the tuition centers also leads them to sign up for extra lessons.

Lounges and Cafes

Most students prefer studying at the coffee shop or spacious eateries. Tuition centers are creating study rooms with a free flow of snacks and food for the students in order to to replicate this. Students are also allowed to spend extra hours discussing or working on their assignments.