You’re finally on your way to completing your education. Soon, you’ll be out and about looking for the perfect career for you. You’ve already chosen what kind of outfit you’d like to wear to your first interview and your perfect wardrobe for when you actually get the job. You’ve thought of where you will live and what your life will be like at the office. However, have you thought about the type of car you will drive?

When you look for cars for sale in Limpopo, or anywhere for that matter, you should think first about what kind of environment you will be working in. It doesn’t matter that you’re only looking at used cars in Limpopo as newer models are more expensive. What does matter is that your car choice immediately fits in with the career you have chosen.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best car for your career.

For those in the creative industries

Whether you’re a visual artist, a sound engineer or a writer, if you are in the creative industries, you’ll need a car that has just as much personality as you do. When looking at cheap cars in Limpopo, go for something a little retro, but that also has quality parts and won’t require much maintenance. An original VW Beetle might be super cute, but you might have trouble finding ones with good wheels, Bluetooth and central locking. Nevermind power steering and radio. You don’t want to own a second-hand car that causes so many problems that you have to keep a tow bar in the boot for towing your car every time it breaks down.

What you want is something that speaks to your creativity but is also stable. If you need to carry around equipment, a car with a larger boot or a bakkie might be best for you. If all you need is a laptop to do your job, then you can choose something smaller. See what catches your eye and give it a try.

For the corporate types

If you want to work in finance, banking, big businesses or be a client-facing executive, you won’t be afforded the same luxury when choosing a vehicle as those in the creative industries. You need to own something neat-looking and reliable. So, when you’re shopping for used cars in Limpopo, ensure that you look for something without any scratches or dents. As far as colours go, you should consider white, black, grey or silver. You don’t want to show up to a client meeting in a bright pink car with personal touches.

As the main concern is reliability, you will need to choose a vehicle without too much mileage on the clock. Check the engine, the brakes and the alloy wheels to make sure that nothing makes a loud sound, especially the exhaust. The main aim of this car is to look professional and blend into the corporate world. You may not be able to afford an Audi or BMW right now, so go for a stable and recognisable brand and model, like a Volkswagen Polo Vivo.

For those who work with their hands

If you are planning to work in plumbing, electrical, architecture and onsite building management, you need to look at car dealerships in Limpopo for bakkies or 4X4s with a large amount of boot space. You will likely be carrying your equipment with you when you go to a job, so it is important that you are able to keep everything with you at all times. This will also likely help you find an entry-level position as you will have your own suitable transportation and will not have to use a company vehicle.

If you’re going to be working any of the above mentioned jobs, you will not be able to own a small car as you won’t be able to fit in all the items you need. It also helps to have a large vehicle if you’re lifting people as well. And one of the benefits of owning a bakkie or a 4X4 is that it won’t matter if it gets a little dirty. After all, it’s not about what the vehicle looks like, but what it can do.

Final thoughts

Your career is about to begin and you could not be more excited about what the future may hold. But you need to be prepared and put your best foot forward. This is why what you drive matters. So, when you’re looking at car finance and how much you will need, think about the type of car that will suit your career and where you want to go in life, literally.