The premier provider of secure student accommodation, CampusKey Cape Town, will donate various items to St. Giles Association for the Handicapped on Friday, 22 February 2019. Situated in Mowbray, St. Giles is a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) of members run by a committee of volunteers. According to Octavia Daniels, CampusKey Connector, they decided to support St. Giles as it is not well known. “Most non-profit organisations are struggling and we felt this drive could make more people aware of this worthy organisation as well as the work that they do. For the past 50 years, St. Giles has been assisting the disabled and elderly with personal growth, transport, equipment and accommodation. We currently have over 800 students who can spread the word. We’ll also be using our social media platforms to encourage everyone to donate articles they no longer need.” The donation will include everything from kitchen to cleaning appliances, bedding to clothing, and more. Daniels continues that students get influenced by actions. “We try our best to get them involved in our social responsibility projects as it’s the right thing to do.” She explains that CampusKey is a community. “We want our students to embrace a good value system as it will influence their lives and the direction it takes. We want to give as much as we receive and do our utmost to build the communities around us as much as we do each other. We believe our surroundings affect us, and the better it’s doing, the better we do too.” CampusKey offers locations throughout South Africa, including Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Visit or phone 0861-STUDENT for more info. Follow CampusKey on Facebook: